How to Choose your Project Management Business Niche

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When starting any business you need to determine your niche, especially if you’re going into a field you’re not as familiar with. I’ve been a nurse for a long time, as I imagine a lot of my readers have been as well. It’s very hard to change from a nurse mindset to a (insert your chosen field here) mindset.

For a while when you’re pursuing your chosen field, you’ll feel like an imposter. This is quite normal when we are exploring new things. When you combine having a nurse mindset and dealing with imposter syndrome, it can be difficult to come up with the direction you want to go in your new, non-nursing, project management business.

Luckily, project management is a very versatile field, and project managers are needed in every sector imaginable. When I first decided I was going to make the transition, I automatically thought healthcare project management would be a good fit since I’m a nurse. But looking at job descriptions I noticed that many healthcare project management positions require years of experience in research, something I don’t have.

I let go of that idea and thought since I’m already switching careers, why hold on to my nursing career? At that moment, I began to explore other interests outside of nursing (or the healthcare field period) and I urge you to do the same.

What are your interests and passions? Are you a great party planner? Are you a tech geek? Do you like creating things? What’s your personality type?

Take all this into consideration when you are trying to figure out your niche. I’m a creative type and nursing did not allow me to express my creative side. I can pursue creative projects (no pun intended!) through project management and that is how I determined my niche.

My niche is helping entrepreneurs design sales pages to launch their digital products. This niche allows me to feed my creative, planning, and organizational tendencies all at once.

Does being a project manager sound like something you’d be interested in doing? If so, you can get started with this course; “How to Project Manage Any Online Course” This course was created by Arielle Hale, a project manager who focused on helping businesses launch online courses. Arielle started out as a VA with no formal project management experience, so if she can do it, nurses can as well!

I’m determined to bring as many nurses that are interested in project management into the field as I can. If you have any questions, you can contact me through my site here or you can communicate with my through my Nurse Pivoters Facebook group.

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