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Some nurses who aren’t happy within the profession may have personality differences that don’t align with nursing. After many years of not being happy in my career, I finally realized that nursing just doesn’t mesh with my personality (INTJ). It doesn’t make me a bad person (or a bad nurse!), it’s just a simple fact. […]

Does Your Personality Type Match Your Career?

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When you start your business, you don’t know everything and mistakes will be made. I’m sharing my 10 biggest business mistakes I made when I started out to help you avoid the same mistakes. In this video we’ll talk about business plans, how to monetize your business with products and services, seeking out help for […]

The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business

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I’m getting personal in today’s video. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but I want to ask you, “Are you conditioned to stay an employee?” Meaning, do you enjoy having someone tell you when you can go on vacation, how much you can make, or how many hours you have to work per day? For many years […]

Are You Conditioned to Stay an Employee?