Are You Conditioned to Stay an Employee?

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I’m getting personal in today’s video. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but I want to ask you, “Are you conditioned to stay an employee?” Meaning, do you enjoy having someone tell you when you can go on vacation, how much you can make, or how many hours you have to work per day?

For many years I was ok with being an employee because I thought it was “politically correct” to stay on a job for security…boy was I wrong. As an employee, you can get fired in an instant. All too many nurses experienced this reality firsthand when the pandemic first hit. The healthcare industry is recession-proof, right? We all learned the hard way that it isn’t.

If you own your own business, you can’t get fired. Yes, business may be rough at times, but it’s time to bust the myth of having a “stable” 9-5 job. Entrepreneurship in our society should be normalized. Watch this video to learn how society has ingrained this idealization of having a 9-5 (which is BS in the nursing field) rather than working for yourself.

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