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Business Tools and Resources 

There a lot of tools you need to run your business on a day-to-day basis. Each business is unique, but we'd like to share what we use to manage aspects of our business that may help you. 

ReNursing Edu is an affiliate of some of the companies listed below, which means we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase with our code or link. 


    5 Steps for a Successful Sales Funnel

    Business Tools 

    Here are the tools we use to manage things on a daily basis


    website builder

    Our websites and sales pages are exclusively designed on the Showit platform. Hands down, it's the best platform to create beautiful sites. 

    Get Showit!


    CRM Software

    Dubsado is a client management system that handles (automates)  all  contracts and invoices!
    Get 20 % off your first month or year with our link!

    Get Dubsado!


    Email marketing

    ConvertKit is an awesome email marketing platform for creatives. And the best part? They have a free plan!

    Get convertkit!


    Project management software

     Asana is a project management software you can use to keep track of all your business projects.
      It helps keep everything on track! 

    Get Asana! 

    A Self Guru

    Legal Contracts

    Amira is the attorney we use to draft the legal contracts for our business. She has tons of templates for common business contracts at an affordable price! 

    Get Legal! 


    Graphic Design

    Canva is great for small graphic design jobs. The free version is good, but the paid version unlocks so much more! 

    Get Canva!

    Self-Care Favorites

    You can't just focus on business all day, everyday. These are some services that you can use in your personal life to stay healthly, sane, and fit.


    Getting your groceries delivered saves tons of time. Having groceries from your favorite local retailers is super-convenient for a busy entrepreneur.  Save $10 on your first order when you use code: NJOHNSONAFF3113


    Grocery Delivery 

    On-Demand Workouts

    A lot of people prefer working out at home vs a  gym. With Beachbody on demand, you have access to 100's of their programs for a fraction of the prices (seriously, like $99 per year!)

    Deliver my Groceries!

    Let's Workout!

    Favorite Books

    Most business owners like reading up on new ways to improve their business, here are some of our favorites. 

    Profit First 
    by Michael Michalowicz

    Building a Story Brand
    by Donald Miller

    The 4-Hour Work Week
    by Tim Ferriss

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