We Have a YouTube Channel!

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Hey guys!

As you well may already know, ReNursing Edu has undergone major changes this year and we will continue to make changes in a massive re-branding of the business.

One of my goals for this year was to start a YouTube channel and that goal has already been accomplished! The ReNursing Edu YouTube channel officially launched earlier this week!

As of now, we only have one video uploaded, but we have so much more to share! Since ReNursing Edu essentially has three branches – NP education, nurse business education and now career-change information, I’ll be creating videos on each one of these topics for our audience.

The first video uploaded happens to be a video for business owners who may need to create a sales page for their course or offer. In the video I go over the 10 critical elements needed to convert sales page leads into buyers.

If you’re not into watching videos (but I hope you still subscribe to our channel!), I’ve created an infographic that has all the info on sales pages. Click the link below to grab your copy!


But back to the main purpose of this post… our YouTube channel!!! Check us out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_bvw1lbj25o1kf1nPiQ6Xw


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