Why Nurses Make Great Content Providers

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During the pandemic most people are at home scrolling through their social media feed, reading random jokes, and watching random videos. They’re just watching anything that comes up on their feed.

Most social media apps are set up for endless or infinite scrolling of content so users don’t leave their app and you don’t need to search for content.

People will watch anything they find interesting or skip it if they don’t like what they see unlike informational websites like Wikipedia or Google where you need to search for what you want to read because people don’t just randomly read informational stuff.

So why nurses?
Nurses can share their knowledge on social media so other people can see it. There are tons of books and medical information on the internet, but people search for that when they actually need to. The audience for your content may be small but if your content is on social media, everybody can see it. If they like what you shared they will like it and share it with others, thus because it will increase the people who will see your content.


Content marketing is great if you have a business and that’s a different story, here are the platforms you can use to share your content.

  • Patreon
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Contently
  • WordPress

You can write or make videos about anything, but the best content to produce is what you already know…. and make it entertaining

  • Experience – You can talk about your experience as a nurse or as a nursing student.
  • Tips and Tricks – You can show tips and tricks for nursing students.
  • Answer Misconceptions – You can answer nursing and health misconceptions.
  • Answer Questions – There are a lot of questions from students or patients and you can help them by answering their questions.
  • Short Videos – You can chop down long study videos into a short, 3 min, informational video because people have short attention spans and would rather watch a 3 min video instead of one an hour long.
  • Anything – If you have enough of an audience they’ll read or watch any content you post because they already like what you do.


Basically, anyone on the net can be your audience once they watch your video.

  • Students – If they find your videos helpful or interesting for their studies they’ll surely follow you.
  • Nurses – What you know might help other nurses.
  • Everyone – If you are entertaining enough even if they’re not into nursing they might watch your videos.

Content creation is entertaining, you can make your passion into a hobby.

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