In-hospital Daycare

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For this daycare set up, it would require an individual to set one up in the hospital or very close to a hospital. Many hospitals have empty rooms or wings for that matter that can be converted into a daycare center for children of the employees. I would approach a hospital and ask to rent an unused space for the center. In addition, tell the hospital you will give them a percentage of profits for each child enrolled in the center.

You will win because you will never run out of clientele since your center is located where hundreds and sometimes thousands of people work each day. The hospital will win because they will have greater employee satisfaction, fewer call-ins, and increased productivity, not to mention an additional profit if you choose to go this route.

Additional Resources:

Potential Start-up costs: $50,000+

Additional degree required: No

Sole venture or partnership: Partnership

Mobile, Online, or Brick & Mortar: Brick & Mortar

Potential products to upsell: FRANCHISE!

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