After-hours Daycare

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Nurses are known for working odd hours- 8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, days, evenings, nights, and weekends. Those with kids sometimes have a difficult time finding childcare that correlates with their schedule. Opening an after-hours daycare in the right area could be a lucrative business.

I see this daycare having overnight hours for parents who work the graveyard shift. The daycare would be open on weekends too since that is a hard time to find a babysitter as well. Your target parents are those who do not work traditional 9-5 jobs and work weekends. This is a very specific niche market and this means money.

You could charge for full-time care, part-time care, and offer drop-in rates for someone needing a babysitter at the last minute. Because your daycare is open odd hours, you could easily charge more than average rates. I am sure parents would gladly pay if they had no one else to watch the kids.

There are many start-up costs involved in opening a daycare. As a daycare owner, you have to have a building for the daycare; this can be a home or a commercial location. Each state has specific rules on how a daycare is set up, regulated, and licensed.

Things to consider when opening a daycare center include; attending classes required by the state to obtain licensing, background checks, hiring employees, specific equipment for the daycare (high chairs, cots, cribs, fire extinguishers, etc.), and getting liability insurance.

Starting a daycare is tedious and costly, but well worth it if you have a passion for children and want to start a business.

Additional Resources: (This business offers childcare consulting for those looking to get started in childcare…oh, and they’re nursing owned!)

Potential Start-up costs: $10,000+

Additional degree required: No

Sole venture or partnership: Partnership

Mobile, Online, or Brick & Mortar: Brick & Mortar

Potential products to upsell: T-shirts and other items with your company logo, host an event (art night, pajama party for the local community), courses to promote child safety.

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