Nurse Business Idea: Medical Spanish for Healthcare Providers Instructor

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Are you a bilingual nurse? Being bilingual in certain areas can pay off handsomely for healthcare providers who are well versed in Spanish or any other regional foreign language for the area. Becoming a medical Spanish instructor for healthcare providers is a great business option for a nurse who is bilingual. 

You don’t even have to be fluent in Spanish…you could be fluent in any other language just as long as there’s a need for others to learn. And this my friend, is a good deal of people! 

This business would be an easy set-up for someone fluent in multiple languages. I would start out by making educational materials consisting of the most common phrases used in the healthcare setting. I, for one, would love to be able to carry out a full assessment in Spanish, so medical Spanish would be super useful for nurses who don’t know much if any Spanish at all. 

You could start with basic questions and answers to a physical exam & history taking. 

You could offer your services to tutor local nurses one-on-one or even contract out a 4-6 week class with a hospital that wants to invest in more nurses becoming bilingual and decreasing the cost of medical interpreters. This could be a very lucrative career for the right person.

Additional Resources:

My Spanish Teacher:

Potential Start-up costs: $500 or less

Additional degree required: No

Sole venture or partnership: Sole

Mobile, Online, or Brick & Mortar: Mobile

Potential products to upsell: Online course, books, pocket-guide for most commonly used terms and phrases.

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