Nurse Consultant Businesses You Can Start

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Nurses make great consultants due to our educational background. Have you ever thought of using your expertise to be a nurse consultant? Here are a few examples to get your mind going on types of nurse consultants to consider for your next business.

Newborn Nurse Consultant

This type of nurse consulting would consist of helping new parents transition into their new role. Newborns don’t come with instruction manuals, and a consultant could help fill in that void. Do you have any special hacks that could help new parents adjust to life with a new baby, things like getting the baby on a feeding schedule? If you do, I’m sure many new parents would be willing to pay

Sleep Nurse Consultant

A Sleep Nurse Consultant is just that, a sleep consultant for small children. The Sleep Nurse Consultant would ideally work with infants to pre-school aged children. This job would require some overnights at the child’s home to determine exactly what the problem is and time to remedy the problem. Some consulting may be done remotely, but remember if you do on-site consulting you can charge extra for your time because it is an overnight shift.

Social Media Consultant

A Social Media Consultant isn’t really nursing-related, but you can definitely market your services to a healthcare-related entity! If you’re seriously social media savvy with all the major social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) then market your services and get paid for it! A Social Media Consultant would keep up with all social media accounts associated with a particular business to market for the company and also interact with customers virtually.

Nursing Career Consultant

A Nursing Career Consultant will help guide other nurses into a career path that suits them. The range of services are also broad and involve phone or in-person consulting, teaching classes, writing books, and reviewing and writing resumes for nurses.

Legal Nurse Consultant

The purpose of a legal nurse consultant is to help legal professionals to understand the terminology and procedures used in the medical profession. They often work in support of attorneys during malpractice lawsuits, medical fraud cases, or criminal conduct requiring medical insight. They are involved in personal injury cases, worker’s compensation cases, and toxic torts.

Fitness Nurse Consultant

I once had a fellow colleague who sold a popular nutritional supplement while he worked as a nurse. This guy was also really buff and you could tell he worked out. It was easy to buy supplements from him since you believed if they made him look so good, they would work for you too. After further conversation with him, I realized he did personal training on the side as well. After even further conversation, I found out he had a Kinesiology degree before he went on to nursing! I told him, “Do you realize with your credentials you could easily market yourself as a Fitness Nurse Consultant and make a significant income doing so?”

He could easily integrate selling supplements, personal training, and his nursing and kinesiology degrees to make a very profitable business. I’m not sure if he ever ventured out into fitness consulting, but he had the perfect background to do so.

Survey Nurse Consultant

Do you have a prior career in nursing doing state surveys for facilities? If so, why not hire yourself out as an independent contractor and make a business out of it? Market yourself to those who have had a record of violations or not doing well on inspections and offer to go in and straighten out their issues…for a fee of course.

My point is, dear nurses, capitalize off what you know! You can become ANY type of consultant!

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