If you’re thinking to shift from nursing to something else, this is for you.

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There’s no denying that nursing is a tough job – and it will always be. Nurses are the heroes who sacrifice a lot to serve, they are always on the forefront, especially during a war, epidemics, and other times of disaster. The role of the nurse has evolved, but one thing hasn’t changed – they all touch the lives of patients. Without them, this world would surely be catastrophic.

But despite nurses’ contribution to our society, a study by Medscape reveals that 20% of nurses expressed a desire to choose a different career if they had a chance. The same study reveals some of the reasons why: (1) lack of respect from administrators, physicians, patients, and peers, (2) lack of support, staff, and resources, and (3) overwhelming workloads.

Though nurses require specific skills, there are other opportunities out there that you can ace with a nursing degree but how can you make the leap to a completely different career?

how to make the move? Read more here.

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