Are You Prepared for Clinicals?

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Hi everyone!

How’s your summer going? Mine has been busy, busy, busy. I’ve been out of my home for about a week now on a personal mission, so I’ve had some free time on my hands.

Since I’ve had all of this time on my hands I decided I could get some work done and get back to writing and creating more products for nurse practitioners. I actually have been thinking about re-doing my Student Nurse Practitioner Clinical Journal after seeing one of my students using it! She loved it, but after seeing it in action, I decided that it could use some tweaking. It works and because of this reason, I’ll keep it published. If you would like an updated version of the journal it is now under the name “NP H&P.”

I’ve added a lot more features that student nurse practitioners will enjoy using in clinical practice that would make their record keeping more enjoyable (as enjoyable as you can get in clinicals!).

Here’s some of the benefits of the newer version I’ve come up with to help you guys out:

  • Document on 100 patients per notebook
  • Rip out sheets as needed
  • Patients are identified by date, clinical rotation, initials or medical record number for anonymity
  • More room to document with greyscale words that you can write over as needed
  • Prompts on what information to gather during your health history interview and exam
  • Circle positive Review of System complaints and check positive Physical Exam complaints
  • Readable font unlike some of our other competitors
  • Straightforward and to the point Review of Systems and Physical Exam choices without all the fluff to confuse you
  • Human diagram to mark locations of interest
  • Plenty of extra room to write notes

As of yesterday, this version is now on Amazon!

Check it out here:

So if you, or any of your nurse practitioner comrades need something to keep clinical rotation notes in grab a copy! Depending on the feedback I get, I’ll be publishing this in a spiral bound version as well.

For those who have already finished NP school, what did you use to document your clinical encounters? Did it work for you?

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