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So, I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’ve been woking on remodeling my house re-doing the kitchen, living room and adding new flooring. I still have some things to do like painting and adding a few more accent pieces, but it’s almost there. It may sound stressful living under construction for the last three months of the year, but I love any and everything related to interior design from simple furniture rearranging, to creating my own artwork (like the piece above), to bigger projects like tackling a kitchen remodel. I can honestly say that if I were not a nurse practitioner, I would be an interior designer, hands down.

I bet you’re wondering what this has to do with nursing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But hear me out. Just because you are a nurse doesn’t mean you can’t have a passion for interests outside of nursing. This is something I have to drill into the heads of other nurses who want to start a business but either don’t want to do something in nursing or they have passions that lie completely out of the reality of their nursing education. When I first started my business I received lots of comments from others asking why I didn’t want to be a nurse or work as a nurse anymore. This was not the truth at all! After a while, it got annoying trying to explain to others that just because I am a nurse does not mean I have to work in the traditional role as one.

I discuss options that are outside of the “common” nursing business like starting a home-health agency or starting a CNA school in my book “50 + Business Ideas for the Entrepreneurial Nurse.” By the way, there is nothing wrong with starting a common nursing business, but I do want you to know that you don’t have too! Don’t be ashamed if you want to start a business in another field. I’m not going to judge you.

You are a nurse by profession, but being a nurse does not define you. You can wear many titles in life, mother, father, husband, wife, nurse- you get the idea. Since you can have other titles in life, why can’t your new title be a non-nursing business owner??? Think about it!

I’d love to hear your feedback on what non-nursing business you’d love to start (or have already started!) one day. I’ll close out with a famous quote by Mark Anthony, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Bottom line, do what you love.

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