Career Spotlight: Sports Team Nurse

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Are you a nurse who enjoys professional sports like basketball and football? How would you like to travel with your favorite team providing medical care at the games and training camps? As an experienced nurse, you can!

In order to break into this career, it may be beneficial to already know someone in the industry, but careers are posted online from time-to-time. While doing research on this post, I found a position on for a job that an RN could easily fill.

Careers can be searched for any of the national sports leagues: NFL, NHL, or NBA. You could also check out your local non-professional sports teams for positions.

Nurses don’t seem to need additional training to be a professional team nurse, but a background in sports medicine or kinesiology would be beneficial for the nurse seeking this type of position.

Even though there are positions available, I would recommend networking for the best results. Begin to speak with people in the sports industry (coaches, players, sports facilities) for leads. Keep yourself in shape as well. This will show others that you are serious about working in a sports related field if you are healthy yourself.

Does anyone currently work in a sports-related career? If so, I would love to hear your story!


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