Career Spotlight: Movie Set Nurse

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Providing medical care to movie and television set crews can be an exciting job for a nurse, but the jobs are difficult to find. If you are a nurse lucky enough to get such a gig expect long hours on the set caring for the crew.

The best background for this type of career includes emergency room and medic training since most likely you will be required to stabilize the patient prior to transport. As a movie/TV set nurse you may have to take care of individuals who have been injured in stunts, suffer from heat stroke, or just general ailments.

Job opportunities for this type of job have a scarce presence mainly because the jobs are highly localized and may range from a few hours to a few months depending on the project. If a nurse is interested in this type of work, networking would probably increase your chances of getting your foot in the door.

Most movies are filmed in California, so relocating may also be a factor to consider for this career.

Since I was unable to find credible sources for this career, I cannot give a salary estimate. One thing for sure is that movie/T.V. set nursing would be a fun career considering the perks of being on a set like meeting celebrities, experiencing the movie/T.V. industry first hand, and traveling with the crew.

Does anyone currently work in the movie/T.V. industry or do you know anyone who does? Please share your experiences!

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