Entrepreneurial Venture: Travel Health Clinic

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If anyone has ever travelled internationally they are aware of the preparation it takes to travel to a foreign country. Currency has to be exchanged, adapters have to be brought,and depending on where you are going, vaccines are needed.

When I traveled internationally for the first time I had many questions regarding what I needed to do to take care of myself healthwise. What should I avoid eating as a traveler? How should I prepare for the long flight? Do I need specific vaccines for diseases unknown to the U.S.?

I didn’t know where to turn to for answers besides the internet and that gave me conflicting answers most of the time. If only there was a one-stop shop for international travelers for these answers. It turns out there is a clinic that does all this for people traveling internationally.

Fran Lessans, RN is the founder of Passport Health USA and helps world travelers with their travel concerns. The clinic focuses on educating international travelers on what to expect when traveling and providing medical vaccines before travel. Her clinic became so successful, she was able to expand her services to include consultations on travel safety tips, considerations for travel with special conditions such as diabetes and oxygen, and medical coverage while overseas.

But Passport Health USA didn’t stop there.

Fran Lessans’ clinic model eventually expanded to include franchises across the U.S. If you have venture capital and a great spot for a travel vaccine clinic, then this is the way to go. For more information about Fran Lessans or opening your own travel vaccine clinic visit www.passporthealthusa.com

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