Career Spotlight: Camp Nurse

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Imagine spending your summer hiking mountains, canoeing, and doing art therapy while getting paid for it! These are just some of the many advantages of being a camp nurse. Camp nurses are needed to care for individuals (usually children) while away at camping destinations. Types of camps nurses work in range from girl/boy scouts to ballet dancing camp.

Some camp nurses have backgrounds in school nursing, peds, or emergency medicine. From what I have researched, most camps would like 2-5 years of general nursing experience.

Camp nursing can appeal to many nurses in their career. Nurses with young children can even work and have their child’s tuition covered for the summer. Imagine being able to take your child to work with you and have fun while you are at it!

Nurses who work agency or PRN can easily take a few weeks off in the summer to take an assignment. If you look at it the right way, it could be considered to some to be a mini-vacation, but you are getting paid for it!

While researching camp nursing jobs I found many perks and benefits for nurses. In addition to the regular pay which can vary from $500 per week to up to $1500 per week, many camps will provide travel expenses to the nurse. Room and board is included for overnight camps as well as all meals. On top of all this, nurses are encouraged to participate in camp activities with the campers. I can imagine there’s never a dull moment as a camp nurse!

For more information on camp nursing, check out the Association of Camp Nurses. Do you camp nurse or know anyone who does? Please share your experience!

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