What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

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We were all asked this question as a child, and as a child we all had high hopes and aspirations for ourselves. As a child we often thought big. Aspiring for careers such as an actor, all-star athlete, or opera singer were the norm.

As we grew to adulthood some of our dreams became less grandiose and we settled. There is no reason to settle when you truly have a passion. Who is actually living their dream and working in their dream career?

You may have always dreamed of becoming a nurse even as a child. There is nothing wrong with being a nurse, but is it your dream career? To answer this question you have to be honest with yourself. Why did you want to become a nurse?

I for instance, enjoyed caring for other individuals. I wanted to express my caring nature to others in their time of need. As I became more advanced in my career I felt that my focus has changed somewhat. I still care, but now my focus is not just on my patients, but nurses as well. I’m still using my talents I have learned as a nurse to help others. I truly love what I am doing now. Having held many nursing positions in my career, I feel as if I am finally living my dream.

What aspects of nursing do you love? What are your hobbies or special talents? There are many ways to incorporate talents not related to nursing into your dream career.

Do you have a passion for writing, but don’t know how to tie that into nursing? What about using your nursing expertise to write or edit medical scripts for television shows? We all know how grossly inaccurate medical shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy are.

Do you enjoy art? There are many nurses who are artists that can create beautiful artwork that can be used to decorate hospital and clinic lobbies.

Do you enjoy singing? Has anyone ever thought to use talents to perform for individuals in a nursing home? The elderly enjoy receiving company and enjoy good musical talent.

If you still love interacting with patients, but don’t love the politics involved with a traditional hospital job you can become an independent contractor. Or better yet, you can run your own home health clinic.The possibilities are endless.

Are you living your dream career? If not, make steps to do so.#child#career#nurse#hobbies#independentcontractor#business

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