Is it Possible to Re-Nurse Without an Additional Degree

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Yes! It is possible to renurse without an additional degree. It all depends on what your background is and what you want to pursue. While some employers may find an additional degree more desirable for a certain position, others may focus on the years and type of experience a nurse may have.

Some careers do require an additional degree or certificate for nurses to transition into such as information technology or forensics for example. Other careers are based on general nursing know-how and do not require additional education.

Examples of positions nurses may obtain without additional education include pharmaceutical or medical device sales. These particular positions may require the candidate to have prior sales experience, but this is not an educational requirement.

The careers I focus on at ReNursing vary in educational requirements. Some careers I focus on do not need additional education, but I will indicate if additional education is needed for the specific career. With this being said, there are always exceptions to the rule.

You will find that some nurses profiled on ReNursing have obtained careers that usually require degrees while they personally have not obtained that specific degree. These individuals have been “grandfathered” into a career without the standard educational requirements.

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