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This is a hard topic to discuss, but I think it’s an important one. This is especially true for NP students, new grads and those considering becoming an NP. No one who is in NP school or recently graduated wants to talk about the elephant in the room, but we have to talk about it. […]

Is the NP Profession Saturated?

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ReNursing Edu is making huge changes to help new nurse practitioners and student practitioners with their clinical practice. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed helping nurse practitioner students with the transition to clinical practice with products to help guide and enlighten them to become a better provider. Summer of 2019 will bring yet another resource to […]

We’re Bringing You Even More NP Educational Materials!

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Yes! It is possible to renurse without an additional degree. It all depends on what your background is and what you want to pursue. While some employers may find an additional degree more desirable for a certain position, others may focus on the years and type of experience a nurse may have. Some careers do […]

Is it Possible to Re-Nurse Without an Additional Degree