We’re Bringing You Even More NP Educational Materials!

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ReNursing Edu is making huge changes to help new nurse practitioners and student practitioners with their clinical practice. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed helping nurse practitioner students with the transition to clinical practice with products to help guide and enlighten them to become a better provider.

Summer of 2019 will bring yet another resource to help students and new practitioner- NP exam test bank questions. Our test bank will cover all major subjects that the basic family nurse practitioner program covers; peds, OB/Gyn, cardio, pulmonary, HEENT, GI and GU conditions, women’s health and more!

With over 500 questions and detailed rationales (and more to come), you’ll gain experience taking AANP and ANCC style questions so you’ll be confident when exam day comes. The questions are not just for students looking to learn for their board exam, they are a great refresher for a “new to clinical practice” NP as well.

Each question has a detailed rational section, explaining why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. You’ll learn just as much from the incorrect answers as you do with the correct ones!

Stay tuned for the rollout of our NP exam test bank questions and other products that will help you succeed as an NP!

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