Are You Ready for Your Next Interview?

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It’s November!

That means warm fuzzy socks, cool weather and pumpkin flavored everything!

November also means the year is almost over, so it’s time to wrap up loose ends and prepare for the new year.

Did you know that companies are more likely to hire in the early months of the year because everyone is back from the holidays and they likely have a bigger budget during that time?

This is a great time to update your resume if you are in the market for a new job.

I know how tough it can be to job search for the perfect fit. Sometimes you apply to multiple companies without even a response and you may wonder what you are doing wrong.

Is your resume even getting noticed among the other applicants?

I’ve created resume templates for both the new and experienced nurse practitioner that will help get you noticed!

Check out my resume and cover letter templates

Creative: For the nurse practitioner that is doing something outside of the box such as consulting, writing, or speaking. This template is refreshing, fun, and sure to get you noticed!

Experienced: This resume is geared to the experienced nurse practitioner and packs a ton of information so you can showcase all of your skills and talent. New graduate nurse practitioners can use the template as well, but it is geared to someone with years of experience.

Bold: This template stands out from the crowd and won’t be buried in a stack of papers on the hiring managers desk. It’s formatted to hold a lot of information and look professional all at the same time.

Each resume comes with tips on how to personalize it with your own information, options for a 1 or 2 page version (Experience and Bold only), can easily be adapted for a new graduate or experienced nurse practitioner (Experienced and Bold only)and an accompanying matching cover letter with more tips.

Also be sure to check out my free guide “Ace your NP Interview” with more tips and tricks to use before, during, and after your interview to maximize your chances of landing the job! Sign up to the ReNursing subscriber list for your guide!

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