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In-hospital Daycare

November 6, 2020


For this daycare set up, it would require an individual to set one up in the hospital or very close to a hospital. Many hospitals have empty rooms or wings for that matter that can be converted into a daycare center for children of the employees. I would approach a hospital and ask to rent […]

Are you a bilingual nurse? Being bilingual in certain areas can pay off handsomely for healthcare providers who are well versed in Spanish or any other regional foreign language for the area. This business would be an easy set-up for someone fluent in multiple languages. I would start out by making educational materials consisting of […]

Business, Career Change

October 22, 2020

Medical Spanish for Healthcare Providers Instructor

On a recent trip to Scotland, I became immersed in the culture and wondered how it would be to live and work there as a nurse. The United Kingdom, unlike the United States, has socialized medicine. Governed by the National Health Service, citizens of the U.K. can receive health care at little to no charge […]

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July 20, 2013

Career Spotlight: International Travel Nurse