10 PLR Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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After being a nurse business owner for over 10 years, I’ve seen and heard so much from nurses wanting to start their own business.

I often see nurses gravitating towards get-rich-quick schemes like MLMs (multi-level marketing), getting burned, and then writing every other nonnursing business opportunity off as a scam.

Unfortunately, with this viewpoint, you could legitimately be overlooking one of the most lucrative business models out there because in your mind, you’ve written it off as a scam.

The business model I’m talking about today is PLR business ideas.

What’s PLR?

PLR is private label rights, which is pre-made content that you can modify, rebrand, and resell as your own.

To most nurses, this can sound too good to be true…and therefore a scam.

Well, I’m here to squash that myth and talk to you about ten PLR business ideas you can start today.

PLR Business Idea 1: Start an Etsy Shop

Starting an Etsy shop is one of the easiest businesses to start with PLR products. All you need to do is buy PLR, modify it to your brand, and list it on Etsy. Some of the most popular PLR products on Etsy include journals, templates, and guides.

PLR Business Idea 2: Start an Email Newsletter

With PLR, you have a lot of content that can be used as content for an email newsletter. Sending a weekly newsletter allows you to do a few things.

  1. Grow your email list
  2. Nurture an audience
  3. Sell your products

I send a weekly newsletter to my Studio 8 Twenty-Two subscribers, The Content Byte, that provides content marketing, strategy, and branding tips for entrepreneurs. In each newsletter, I provide value and also make sure to have one paid item promotion in the email. Examples include affiliate links and the promotion of my own products.

PLR Business Idea 3: Start a Course Business

Creating a course can take a lot of time, but when using PLR content, you can cut down the production time significantly. I’ve been wanting to create a content marketing course for my content marketing business, but didn’t know what to include or how long it should be.

Using PLR content in the PLR Collective, I was able to get my outline completed and content for about 80% of the course. I just had to rebrand, add my own expertise, and publish!

Imagine having a website selling courses that you create once and sell repeatedly on autopilot!

Interested in courses specifically for nurses wanting to start a business?

Click here to check out ReNursing Edu courses!

PLR Business Idea 4: Become a Graphic Designer

I know it sounds crazy, but depending on what kind of PLR you have, you can use it to jump-start a graphic design business. For example, you can get your graphic design library in one fell swoop that contains graphics, icons, logos, and fonts you can use for customer deliverables.

Graphic designers need many tools and often can’t spend the money on everything they need for every customer. With a PLR library, you’ll have all the tools needed in your toolkit for whenever a customer comes your way.

PLR Business Idea 5: Start a Membership Site

Membership sites are all the rage now. I have a membership for nurses wanting to start thier own business – The Nurse Pivoter that has a variety of courses on various topics. The content there was created the hard way…me taking time and creating everything from scratch.

Looking back, I could have had the membership up and running in no time if I had PLR content to start with. Use PLR content to load up your membership site with relevant content for your audience. Price your membership so you’ll be able to bring in recurrent income each month.

Get the PLR Collective here.

PLR Business Idea 6: Start a Niche Blog

Niche blogs have the ability to bring in lots of revenue due to the many ways you can monetize them. You’ll need to bring traffic to your blog for any monetization, but once you do, the possibilties are endless for monetization. One common way to monetize blogs is with Adsense revenue. Aside from that, you could also add affiliate links or promotions to your own products in the blogs you post to make even more money.

PLR Business Idea 7: Sell eBooks

Selling eBooks has to be the easiest business ideas out there. You can find tons of PLR ebooks to get started. The way this works is you purchase a book, alter it so it should like you, and then sell.

One question that people might be asking is if you can sell PLR ebooks on Amazon…no you cannot. You’ll get your account banned if you get caught. You’ll have to sell these books on your own site, the benefite is that you’ll be able to charge way more than what you’d get in Amazon royalties.

PLR Business Idea 8: Dropship Physical Products

The types of businesses you can start using PLR is endless. You can use PLR design files and put those designs on mugs, t-shirts, planners and more to dropship your products. Connect your Etsy shop to Printify, add your design and start selling!

PLR Business Idea 9: Start a Video Editing Business

PLR products can range from royalty free videos, images, graphics and more. You can even get PLR video editing tools like sound effects, video overlays, and video clips to use. All you really need to get this business off the ground is basic editing skills you can learn from YouTube.

PLR Business Idea 10: Resume Writing

PLR business ideas not strictly related to selling digital products are possible. Resume writing is one of them.

How you might ask?

With resume templates!

If you’re interested in this business idea, get some PLR resume templates and start using them to rewrite resumes of your clients.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on PLR business ideas! This blog just covered 10 of MANY businesses you could start with PLR. I hope this gives you some inspiration to get started with your business! Make sure to follow ReNursing Edu on all our social platforms and share this blog with others who could use it!


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