5 Passive Income Ideas for Nurses

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Nurse holding a stack of money

Are you a nurse looking to boost your income?

Look no further!

I’ve compiled a list of passive income ideas specifically tailored for nurses. Whether you’re aiming to pay off student loans, save up for that dream vacation, or simply increase your financial stability, these ideas will help you diversify your earnings without sacrificing precious time in the process.

From online ventures to investment opportunities, we have something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and let me guide you through the world of passive income – because who doesn’t love making money while sipping on their morning coffee?

Renting out a spare room or property

One lucrative passive income idea for nurses is renting out a spare room or property. If you have extra space in your home or own a second property, this can be a great way to earn money without much effort. By renting it out, you can generate a steady stream of income that will help supplement your nursing salary and provide financial stability. Additionally, this option allows you to leverage your assets and make use of the space that would otherwise remain unused.

You could even advertise your space to travel nurses for temporary housing.

Once you find suitable tenants and set up the necessary agreements, you can easily oversee the process without having to dedicate too much time or energy to it. This makes it an ideal option for busy nurses who want to increase their earnings while still focusing on nursing.

Creating and selling online courses or educational materials

Creating and selling online courses or educational materials is a fantastic passive income idea for nurses. With your expertise in the healthcare field, you can create valuable content that will benefit others and generate income for yourself.

I’ve been creating and selling courses and other digital products for years and selling them on ReNursing Edu.

By sharing your knowledge through online courses or educational materials, you can earn money from sales while helping other people enhance their skills or learn new ones. This passive income stream allows you to make money even when you’re not actively working with patients.

Plus, once the content is created and uploaded online, it requires minimal maintenance, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your career or personal life. So why not leverage your nursing expertise by creating and selling digital educational resources?

Writing and publishing a book or e-book

Ok, I have to admit, I know a lot about this subject and I am secretly excited about sharing this passive income idea.

Writing a book is another form of digital product that can make you a lot of money passively. My first digital product was a book, and since then, I’ve published over 3o more!

Nachole Johnson titles

If you have extensive knowledge and expertise in a particular subject, writing and publishing an e-book can be a lucrative passive income idea. I’ve made thousands of dollars just by publishing books, and I have royalties rolling in every month!

When it comes to publishing your book or e-book, you have multiple options available. Traditional publishing involves finding a literary agent and pitching your manuscript to publishers, which can be time-consuming and competitive. However, self-publishing has become increasingly popular due to its accessibility and potential for higher profits. Platforms like Amazon allow you to easily format and distribute your e-book worldwide without any upfront costs.

An even better way to publish your book is to publish it and sell it on your own website. This way, you can keep all the profits and not have to share them with Amazon. Creating passive income with a digital product – a book specifically, is how I teach other nurses to start generating passive digital income in my book 10k Fast Lane: A Nurse’s Guide to Passive Digital Income.

Working on writing an e-book also offers flexible working hours since you aren’t tied down by specific deadlines or shifts. In the 10k Fast Lane, I also give my secret method for writing a book super fast. You can have your book written and published in a weekend if you’re determined!

Back when I wrote my first book in 2013, it took forever!

I’ve since learned how to write books faster to get them published on Amazon, but if you plan on selling a book on your own platform, the process is even faster. The longer it takes to write your book, the longer it will take for you to start bringing in a passive income stream, so I want you to get this done as soon as possible.

Once done, an e-book continues generating revenue long after published without requiring much ongoing effort from you. Surprisingly, ten years later my first book still makes sales!

Grab the 10k Fast Lane: A Nurse’s Guide to Passive Digital Income.

Building a passive income stream through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another passive income idea that allows you to earn money while you’re living your life. With affiliate marketing, you’re promoting other people’s products or services and receiving a commission for every sale made through your referral.

You can typically promote the product however you like, through your socials, by telling friends and family, or with ads. With minimal effort required after setting up the initial promotional content, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to boost your earnings without sacrificing valuable time.

Most products that you use have some form of affiliate offer you can promote. I even have affiliate offers on all of the products I sell at ReNusrsing Edu, so if you purchase something you like, you can tell others about it and make a commission!

And yes, I even have an affiliate offer on the 10k Fast Lane: A Nurse’s Guide to Passive Digital Income!

Affiliate marketing offers flexibility and convenience for nurses looking to diversify their earnings. Unlike working overtime shifts or taking on extra responsibilities at work, which can be physically demanding and time-consuming, affiliate marketing allows you to make money while enjoying your morning coffee.

Just like the other passive income ideas I’ve previously mentioned, you can manage this passive income stream during breaks at work. This opportunity not only helps bring financial stability but also grants you the freedom to prioritize work-life balance and pursue personal interests.

Developing and monetizing a blog or website

Developing and monetizing a blog or website can be a great way for nurses to earn passive income. By sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field, you can attract an audience of people interested in your niche topics.

This is exactly what I’ve done with ReNursing Edu. It took years to figure it out, but now my website is monetized in a variety of ways – through my blog, courses, products, and books.

The key here is to provide valuable and informative content that readers will find useful.

I found that some nurses want to move away from the bedside, so that’s what I talk about.

Monetizing a blog or your website takes time and isn’t something you can do overnight. This is why I always recommend people to start out with digital products – a book specifically – to bring in profit fast.

To monetize the blog or website, you can implement various strategies such as advertising, sponsored posts or reviews,  products, affiliate marketing, or even creating and selling online courses.

This post covered five passive income ideas you can work on in between your shifts as a nurse.

Which passive income idea resonated with you the most?

Share in the comments below!

Remember to pick up the 10k Fast Lane: A Nurses Guide to Passive Income if you want to learn how to get started with your digital product business!



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