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Image credit: Yes, you read the title correctly! I quit nursing to work at Target and I actually loved my job! This video proves that educational status doesn’t matter when you’re working a job that stresses you out on a daily basis. Learn why I quit nursing, why I got back into nursing, and […]

I quit nursing to work for Target

I Quit Nursing to Work at Target!

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Nurses have been through the wringer over the past two years – from the pandemic, vaccine mandates, being loved and then hated by the general public. To top it off, a nurse was criminally convicted for a medication error. Nursing today is not what it used to be. Many nurses when into the profession because […]

nurse putting on mask

From RN to Nurse Entrepreneur

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Some nurses who aren’t happy within the profession may have personality differences that don’t align with nursing. After many years of not being happy in my career, I finally realized that nursing just doesn’t mesh with my personality (INTJ). It doesn’t make me a bad person (or a bad nurse!), it’s just a simple fact. […]

Does Your Personality Type Match Your Career?