From RN to Nurse Entrepreneur

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Nurses have been through the wringer over the past two years – from the pandemic, vaccine mandates, being loved and then hated by the general public. To top it off, a nurse was criminally convicted for a medication error.

Nursing today is not what it used to be. Many nurses when into the profession because of our caring nature, but continuing to be beaten up and abused by the profession has left many nurses wondering what to do next. There’s been a mass exodus, and some have gone on to retire or completely change professions altogether, but there’s a subset that have branched out to do their own thing.

There’s no reason you can’t follow suit and become a nurse entrepreneur. Whether you’re an LPN, RN, NP, or another advanced practice nurse, entrepreneurship is a viable option for any nurse. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t know anything about business; I’m a nurse!”

Let me tell you something. I fell into entrepreneurship by sheer accident. If I can become an accidental entrepreneur, you can become a purposeful one.

Because I fell into entrepreneurship accidentally, I made tons of mistakes along the way. Not only were mistakes made, but money was lost because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing! Back when I started ReNursing Edu in 2014 (formally known as ReNursing Career Consulting), I didn’t have the resources we have now to learn about business.

I know many nurses who want to leave a profession that no longer serves them to start a business, but don’t have any business know-how. Way before the pandemic landed on U.S. soil, I knew that nurses wanted a change. Then things began piling up on the nursing profession adding blow after blow to a profession that’s already suffered so much abuse already.

I decided I needed to do something to help nurses who felt stuck, so I created Nurse Pivoter Academy to help nurses start their own businesses. What’s unique about Nurse Pivoter Academy is that it’s not just nursing-related businesses we focus on – we focus on online businesses that can be run from anywhere, giving you back the freedom you’ve never had as a bedside nurse.

Don’t expect tutorials on how to start a home health agency or staffing agency, or scrub shop. I know nurses want a way out, and they’re completely capable of starting any business they want to give them the freedom they crave. When I was furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic, I knew I’d never go back to working as an NP in a clinical setting.

Once I got that taste of freedom, it was over.

I’d been a nurse entrepreneur since 2014, but always had a full-time job while working my business “on the side.” Running your own business without a full-time job as a backup is completely different than working a side hustle. Once I was furloughed, I knew I had to step it up and get help as I navigated the waters of full-time entrepreneurship.

I’ve incorporated everything I’ve learned about business up until now into Nurse Pivoter Academy. That includes coaching, community, and courses to help nurses wanting to start their own business and established nurse entrepreneurs. This means I teach you about business set-up, building your website, sending invoices and proposals and more.

Nurse Pivoter Academy also helps you with the templates, guides, and scripts you need in business. There are video tutorials in the business blueprint course Nurse to CEO and additional workshops on business specific topics that are regularly updated.

Oh, did I mention the coaching? I host bimonthly coaching calls with members to help you on your journey to nurse entrprerenur. Normally, business coaching costs thousands of dollars but I wanted to make this resource manageable for nurses who needed business help.

Pay monthly or for an annual plan (with a significant discount!) to get everything you need to know to start, grown and scale your online business.

Check out the Nurse Pivoter Academy sales page to see the full details of what Nurse Pivoter Academy has to offer you in your journey to nurse entrepreneurship.

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