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Listening to Your Clients to Spur Product Creation

August 13, 2018


I’ve been in creation mode lately with ReNursing Edu and wonder how many other business owners actually listen to what their clients want and create unique products for their business to maximize profits. When I started ReNursing Edu (formerly ReNursing Career Consulting) my business was born out of a book I had written about nurses […]

Do you have a business roadblock? Here’s what’s standing between you and success. Do any of these statements sound familiar? I want to start my business once I figure everything out. I don’t have any money to start my business. I don’t know what I can offer that will make money. I can’t quit my […]

Business, Career Change

March 12, 2018

What’s Your Business Roadblock?

I’ve bought some really cool stuff from garage and estate sales over the years. Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, paintings by nobody famous that I admired, a beautiful mirror and awesome vintage train prints. Yeah, I’m weird. When I find something I like at a garage sale, I ask how much it is because there isn’t […]

Business, Career Change

February 14, 2018

You’re Running a Business, Not a Garage Sale

Just Choose You

November 14, 2017


You were born to be an entrepreneur. Don’t let anything get in your way of doing so. You just need to decide right now that you will do what you need to do make it happen.There is no time for you to weigh all of your options. Your business will change over time. You will […]

I get emails and questions all the time from nurses who are fed up with their current situation and would like to start a business. Many times they are stuck at the idea of what to do, but sometimes they do have a business idea and need a little coaxing to get started. One important […]


November 7, 2017

Is Your Business Idea Profitable?