Stay Focused as an Entrepreneur and Get Further in Business

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Overwhelm is real when you have a business, especially if you’re a solopreneur. There’s always more to be done; more products to create, more blogs to write, more sales pages to build, more clients to connect with, and more. 

One of the biggest contributors to not staying focused? Shiny object syndrome. 

It happens to us all. You’re falling victim to this business killer when you’re tempted to buy that new, must-have tool, test out a new marketing method, or even switch business models entirely. 

Here’s the problem with shiny object syndrome. It prevents you from achieving success by shifting your focus away just when you’re about to hit your sweet spot. It’s true. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

A promising business owner just starts making sales and gaining a social following, then out of the blue, the owner pivots into a completely unrelated niche or business and confuses the audience that they worked so hard to gain.

All that work… just gone. 

Don’t let this happen to you. 

Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and get further ahead in business.

Set Clear Goals

The first step toward the clarity and focus you need to get further ahead in business is simply to know your business goals. Where exactly are you going? Do you want to build a six-figure coaching program? Earn a living from your courses? Design sales pages for online businesses? 

Regardless of your business model, if you don’t know your goal, you will always struggle with focus, and every new strategy and tool will pull you further away from your dreams. 

Don’t be me! I struggled with setting clear goals for years, and my business suffered because of it. I chased after every new thing I thought would make my business money and had stops and restarts in business that cost me tons of money and time in the long term.

Commit to a Plan

Before you implement a new marketing strategy, change business plans, or even purchase new software, ask yourself how it fits into your business goals and if you’re truly willing to give it a fair shot at success. New marketing strategies take time to grow legs. Even when I thought I would light a fire in my business with Facebook ads, it took time to show any results. If you’re going for a new business model, it can take years to show a profit. Lastly, that brand new software won’t earn back its cost if you toss it aside next week for something different. 

Be realistic with yourself, and make a plan to give your new idea the best shot at success. Commit yourself and your business that you’ll give everything the time it deserves and not expect overnight success. 

Put on Your Blinders

If all else fails, simply stop paying attention to all the distractions out in the world. I know it’s easier said than done, but get off social media to stop the neverending feed scroll. Stop clicking on Facebook ads that suck you in. Unsubscribe to all the email subscriptions that clog up your inbox. 

Stay focused on your own business, what you know works, keep your goals in mind, and make your business as good as possible. I know it can be hard to stay focused, but focusing on your business and eliminating any distractions will get you further in business than you’ve ever imagined. 

Overwhelmed with Trying to Stay Focused?

Don’t worry! I’ve created a Business & Productivity and Time-Management planner to help you become more productive in business. This planner will help you set business goals and how to break those goals down into actionable steps. While your business goals will be different than the next business owner’s, we all have to create a roadmap and learn how to take real action without distraction. There’s no excuse not to grow your business this year! Learn more here.

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