5 Secrets to Getting New Clients

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Many business owners have an recurrent issue with getting new clients and may wonder, “How do I get new clients?”

Building a business isn’t easy.

This isn’t about attracting those affluent clients. And it’s most definitely not about attracting bottom of the barrel clients. This is about attracting the clients you really want to work with.

You can’t wait for some genie to come down and anoint you as the “best business owner ever.”

You have to put in the hard work. You have to do what others won’t. And you have to take action.

They don’t hand out success at the candy store. And if no one is buying what you’re selling it’s all because you haven’t shown them why they should.

You shouldn’t be selling a service. You shouldn’t be selling a product. You should be selling something more important. You are selling the RESULT.

Your fees don’t scare people off.

It’s the fact that they don’t know you, they don’t see you as a friend and they aren’t sure exactly what you will do for them.

When clients are looking to hire you or purchase your products, you can’t believe that it’s all about the price. It isn’t and any business owner that tells you that is not telling the truth. They may believe that because they believe that’s why they aren’t getting customers or making sales.

Now, here’s what you need to do.

You’re not going to get where you want to go unless you take action.

How To Sell Business Services Secret #1: Figure out how you can make a difference. Figure out how to be valuable. Be of service.

I don’t care if you feel like you’re giving away your best advice for free and no one pays you for it. Do it anyway on your website or social media platforms (not as a consult).

You have to be of service before anyone will buy your service.

People hire people they like, trust, know and consider a friend. Your friends would rather do business with you before they hired a stranger and I’m thinking you feel the same way.

So why not start acting like a friend?

You and I both know there are lots of nurse business owners out there playing the ‘holier than thou’ card. They may seem like they’re successful, but between you and me I’m sure they’re turning off more people than they’re attracting.

This is your opportunity.

How To Sell Business Services Secret #2: Be the approachable entrepreneur, be fun, be the person that your clients would love to have a cup of coffee with.

Don’t be the business owner that others would be afraid to sit down and have a cup of coffee with. Don’t be the person that tells people what they are doing wrong. Don’t be the person that thinks you know it all.

You just need to be cool. Be the entrepreneur that inspires. Because until you shed the persona you’re hiding behind, nothing you put in place will be successful.

How To Sell Business Services Secret #3: Charge for your consults.

You will of course have the people who wouldn’t dream of paying for consults. They won’t pay you for your services either.

They want free help.

These people will also tell you that they talked to other business owners offered free consults. Or why should they pay money for something they can probably find online for free.

Your retort? I’m not them. And that if you research hard enough, you can find just about anything on Google for free.

The difference is that your services and products add value.

If they value “free” then they should go with what they value.

How To Sell Business Services Secret #4: Become known for something.

Be the go to business for a specialty. When I started out, I knew I didn’t want to be a public speaker.

Not my style.

Have the business that lights your soul on fire. If you love teaching CPR, do that.

Pick a specialty so you get known for something.

How To Sell Business Services Secret #5: Get ballsy.

(I’m talking to my girls here, men!) If you’re a woman business owner get used to the fact that it’s a man’s word when it comes to business. We can take a page out of the way men do business by not giving in to our nurturing sides.

(Ok, men. You can join back into the conversation for the next part!)

Don’t worry about how much money a client has in their wallet, it’s not your business to know. You shouldn’t care if they have $5 or $5 million. If they want what you have, they’ll pay for it. Desperation comes out no matter how hard you hide it.

And don’t discount. You’ve refined your skills and your clients don’t have the skills you’ve developed.

Picture this scenerio: you go to the doctor to cure what others think is an incurable disease. You’d probably pay whatever his fee was even if your insurance didn’t cover it. When you hesitate after he tells you his price, he then says, “Well I usually charge 5k for the procedure, but if you hire me in the next 5 minutes, I’ll do it for 3k.” I bet you’d lookk at him like he’s crazy and wonder why he dropped his price and why he was so eager to do so.

Bottom line – make your clients want you.

One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have with learning how to sell their services is a) not believing in themselves and b) not recognizing the fact that to be successful in business, you’ve got to sell yourself first.

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