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Riddle me this…in what profession is one degree not enough? In what profession is a MASTERS degree not enough? What profession has multiple points of entrance to practice? In what profession is alphabet soup lauded? In what profession can you go to school for the rest of your life and still not obtain all there […]

Is Nursing Education Fractured?

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Your education is important and, like most, I’m sure you want to go to a great school to get that education. If not, this isn’t the post for you. Too many people who are going into nursing and advancing their nursing careers are looking to take the easy way out. What do I mean by […]

4 Tips to Choose a Great Nursing School

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Are you thinking about becoming a nurse practitioner? It’s a good time to consider the nurse practitioner profession. The nurse practitioner career was ranked # 2 in The top 100 Best Jobs in U.S. News and World Reports, only behind dentists at #1. This is a profession that requires love for helping others since there […]

How Much Do Nurse Practitioners Make?