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How to Choose your Project Management Business Niche

December 10, 2020

Business, Career Change

When starting any business you need to determine your niche, especially if you’re going into a field you’re not as familiar with. I’ve been a nurse for a long time, as I imagine a lot of my readers have been as well. It’s very hard to change from a nurse mindset to a (insert your chosen field here) mindset.

Nurses are known for working odd hours- 8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, days, evenings, nights, and weekends. Those with kids sometimes have a difficult time finding childcare that correlates with their schedule. Opening an after-hours daycare in the right area could be a lucrative business. I see this daycare having overnight hours for parents who work the […]

Business, Career Change

October 29, 2020

After-hours Daycare

Many business owners have an recurrent issue with getting new clients and may wonder, “How do I get new clients?” Building a business isn’t easy. This isn’t about attracting those affluent clients. And it’s most definitely not about attracting bottom of the barrel clients. This is about attracting the clients you really want to work […]


July 17, 2020

5 Secrets to Getting New Clients

The Virtue of Patience

August 10, 2018


As I’ve been lying in wait for the past 2 weeks for reasons out of my control, I realized that sometimes we must exercise patience in both our personal and business lives. ReNursing Edu (formerly known as ReNursing Career Consulting) has been in existence for 5 years now. The business has taken forms I didn’t […]

I’ve bought some really cool stuff from garage and estate sales over the years. Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, paintings by nobody famous that I admired, a beautiful mirror and awesome vintage train prints. Yeah, I’m weird. When I find something I like at a garage sale, I ask how much it is because there isn’t […]

Business, Career Change

February 14, 2018

You’re Running a Business, Not a Garage Sale

Many nurses have aspirations of starting their own business for a variety of reasons. Maybe you need more money, want more time to do the things you love, or just want to leave a legacy for your loved ones. In the recent years, many people have forgone starting a traditional business that may leave you […]

Business, Career Change

October 30, 2017

Why lifestyle businesses are good for nurses