Arya Raine

Perfect for bloggers of all types who want a bold, edgy style

Meet Arya Raine; a fun and unique Showit template that's perfect for bloggers!

Arya Raine is a solo mommy travel blogger, but this template is perfect for any blogger who wants to stand out from the crowd.

This template is fully customizable and built on the awesome no-code Showit platform. It's as easy as install the template, customize to your brand, add your copy, and hit publish! 

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A fully-customizable website for the Showit platform (subscription not included) with the additional pages shown in the demo below and video tutorials for easy set-up! 

main Pages:




Media Kit

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Landing page 1


Blog Pages:

Blog Home

Blog Single Post

Blog 404

404 page

Landing page 2


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After you purchase, you'll immediately receive access to the template and training tutorials. 

Follow the video tutorials to add your site to the Showit platform and start customizing it to your brand using the tutorials. 

Get ready for your business to grow as you convert visitors into clients and level up professionally with your new website! 


What you need to

Get Started on Your Website 

 A Showit Template 

A Showit Subscription

A domain name 

In order to have access to a template, you'll need  to purchase one and know your share key (You'll have access to this as soon as you purchase!). 

The share key you receive AFTER purchase is used to "unlock" your new template on the Showit platform. You can purchase a subscription here.  Showit also hosts your website so any fees you're currently paying Wix, Squarespace,  Go Daddy  (or your current host here) will be eliminated.

Once everything is the way you'd like, publish your site under your own business domain name.  This is your URL. If you have a website already, you already have this. 

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Completely customize the colors, layouts and fonts...anything can be customized! 

Simple click, drag, and drop features

Training course with mini video tutorials to guide you through customizing your site

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I've Got Answers!

How easy is it to customize on showit?

Super easy! All of my templates come with video tutorials on customization.  Everything you see on the template can be customized..fonts, colors, images, words, placement of text/images, etc! 

Is this template compatible with other platforms? 

No, my templates only work on the Showit platform. If you are coming from another platform, you'll have to start fresh on Showit. 

What if I have a blog? 

If you have a current Wordpress blog, you'll be able to migrate the blog to the Showit platform. If you don't blog on Wordpress, you'll have to manually migrate your individual blogs. 

What If I like one of your templates, but it doesn't match my industry?

It doesn't matter if the industries don't match up. The content and images in each template are just placeholders waiting on you to customize! All templates feature pages that just about every industry could use like an about page, services/resources page, contact page, etc. The filler content is me just using my imagination to create a persona! Customize your template to your hearts' desire!

Can you tell me a little bit more about showit? 

Sure! Showit is an awesome website building platform that has Wordpress integration for blogging. You'll have the ease of designing your website and the SEO capabilities of Wordpress with your new Showit site. To get started, you'll need a template, Showit subscription, and a URL domain.

Will my site look good on mobile?

Yep! When your site is designed though Showit you have complete control on the mobile side of your website. This means you can change up the text, images, colors, and layout without affecting the desktop layout making it more user-friendly for on-the-go visitors. 

How long will it take to go live?

If you have all your images, fonts, and copy ready to go, you could have your site fully customized in less than an hour. All you'll need ot do is install the template, replace my filler images and content, setup your Showit account and transfer your domain. 

Do I have to go offline on my current website while I'm building my new website on showit?

Nope! You can leave your current website up wherever it's at (Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc) until you're ready to launch your Showit website. Your current website only goes down when your new one goes live! You can do all of your customization on the 2 week free trial and start your paying subscription once you're ready to launch.

Can I use the fonts in the template?

Yes! All of the fonts I use in templates are free for commercial use. If you want a special font, you can purchase one and use it on your new Showit site.