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Nurse Pivoter Academy

Courses to Help You Make Moves in Your Career

You have a lot of  options as a nurse to make massive moves in your career. Will you advance your education to become an NP, start your own business or switch careers? 

ReNursing Edu is determined to help you make moves. Check out our available courses below. 

Learn how to combine your nursing experience with your love of writing to make a 6-figure income! Write scripts, course content, protocols, white papers and more.* Only for nurses with an established writing and/or editing portfolio. 

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Medical Ghostwriting for Nurses

*ReNursing Edu does NOT condone unethical writing practices such as writing academic/research studies or biased pharmaceutical studies! 

Have you ever wanted to become a writer? This course is for nurses who want to learn how to write, make money, and gain freedom from working at the bedside. 
No writing experience necessary.

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Freelance Writing 101:
Write Your Way to Your First 1k

Learn how to create your writer's website on the Showit platform over the course of a day (or weekend max!) to jumpstart your writing career. 

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Writer's Website Workshop

Write a book, build a couldn't be easier than that! Learn how to build your brand in a matter of months instead of years with the Write a Book, Build a Brand method. This book shows you how to automate client acquisition and scale your business on autopilot. Seven bonuses included, including a course to help get you started quickly!  

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Write a Book, Build a Brand

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